Ei3000MRF SmartLINK Module

The Ei3000MRF SmartLINK module can be fitted to any mains powered Alarm from the Ei3000 Series to enable them to be interconnected wirelessly to other devices.

  • Up to 12 devices can be interconnected
  • Connects to Ei1000G Gateway
  • Provides data for download
  • Remote Alarm Learn entry
  • Transmits, receives and repeats RF specific data
  • Uses mesh architecture and proprietary RadioLINK protocol
  • Unique House Coding feature
  • Simple plug in design
  • Powered from the Alarm

Compliant with Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU

The Ei3000MRF is an optional add-on SmartLINK module for the Ei3000 series Alarms. It enables the Alarm to communicate wirelessly with other Ei Electronics RF devices. Up to 12 devices can be interconnected. It also facilitates a hybrid communication of hardwired and wireless connections.

The module simply plugs into the designated slot in the base of the Alarm head. On powering up the Alarm, the RF LED on the side of the Alarm will flash red, blue and green to indicate that the module has been fitted correctly.

The Ei3000MRF module is a short range device using a transceiver to transmit, receive and repeat the RadioLINK RF protocol. This ensures a robust “mesh” of RF signals and reliable paths of communication.

The house coding feature confines the RF communication to designated RF devices only, thereby avoiding the inadvertent activation of neighbouring Alarm RF systems.

The Remote Alarm Learn entry feature allows the installer to re-activate the entire RF system house coding from one device. Additional devices can then be added and house coded accordingly.

The Ei3000MRF facilitates a monitoring (or buddy system) function that recognises system tampering or alarm head removal. In monitoring mode each Alarm will check the presence of its strongest received RF signal.

The Ei3000MRF can also connect to the SmartLINK Cloud Portal via the Ei1000G Gateway providing live monitoring, notifications and installation details.

Supply voltage:Powered from the Alarm
RF Frequency: 868Mhz band (1% duty cycle)
RF Power:+10dBm
RF Range: >100m in free air
Protocol Type: Proprietary multi-path, multi-repeater mesh architecture
RF Protocol:RadioLINK
System size: Up to 12 RF devices
Visual indicators:
  • Blue LED: typically RF transmission
  • Green LED: entering/exiting monitoring mode & monitoring mode success
  • Red LED: disabling monitoring mode & monitoring mode failure
Live monitoring:Via Ei1000G Gateway
Data Download: Via EiUSB1
Normal Operating and
Storage Temperature Range:
 -10°C to 40°C
Normal Operating and
Storage Humidity Range: 
 15 % to 95 % Relative Humidity
Plastic material:
UL94V0 flame retardant
  • Product: 80mm x 18mm x 16mm
  • Packaging: 135mm x 122mm x 35mm
  • Product: 10gr
  • Product + packaging: 60gr
Warranty: 5 years

Product Manual

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