Ei170RF Deaf & Hard of Hearing add on

The Ei170RF is an add-on for the deaf and hard of hearing made up of a strobe and a vibrating pad that will be activated upon receipt of an alarm signal coming from an Ei Electronics compatible Alarm.

  • 230V AC supply with rechargeable battery back up
  • Wireless interconnect
  • High intensity strobe
  • Vibrating pad
  • Unique house coding feature
  • Auxiliary sockets for connection of additional devices
  • Easy access test button

Compliant with Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU

The Ei170RF is a RadioLINK add on that flashes its strobe light and whose pad vibrates when it receives an alarm or test RF signal from an Ei Electronics compatible RF device or when its own test button is pressed.

It is powered by 230V AC with a rechargeable battery to provide back up power in the event of mains failure.

The Ei170RF needs to be house coded/interconnected with the other RF devices in the system to prevent activation by neighbouring Alarm RF systems. Up to 12 devices can be interconnected.

Its large Test button at the front of the strobe allows you to easily test the strobe, vibration pad and interconnected RF devices.

The two additional Aux sockets at the back of the strobe allow for additional optional strobes that can be placed in other rooms or vibration pad.

Product Life:10 years
Supply Voltage:230V AC 50Hz
Battery back-up:Rechargeable lead acid battery back up
RF Frequency:868MHz band (1% duty Cycle)
RF Power:+5dBm
RF Range:> 100 Metres in free air
Protocol type:Mesh architecture
RF Protocol:RadioLINK
System size:Up to 12 RF devices
Button Test:Checks strobe, vibrating pad, electronics and RF signal
Visual indicators:
Green LED: Power
Red LED: alarm
Yellow LED: fault
Blue LED : RF mode/transmission
Clear Xenon tube strobe (flash rate  1.5Hz)
Auxiliary sockets:2 Aux sockets (JST type VHR-2N) are available at the back to connect additional strobes (Ei178) or vibration pad (Ei174)
Cables length:Power cable: 6m
Vibration pad cable: 5m
Normal Operating and Storage Temperature Range:-10°C to 40°C
Normal Operating and Storage Humidity Range:15 % to 95 % Relative Humidity
Plastic material:UL94VO flame retardant
Strobe: 195mm x 125mm x 75mm
Vibrating pad: 100mm x 30mm
Packaged: 320mm x 300mm x 100mm
Strobe: 770gr
Product + Packaging: 1970gr
Warranty5 years

Product Manual

Product Datasheet