Ei168RC RadioLINK Alarm Base

The Ei168RC RadioLINK easifit base is designed to be used with the Ei140RC series Alarms to enable them to communicate wirelessly with other Ei Electronics RF devices.

  • RF Base for Ei140RC series
  • Interconnect up to 12 devices
  • Transmits, receives and repeats RF specific data
  • Uses mesh architecture and proprietary RadioLINK protocol
  • Unique House code feature
  • Easy to install

Compliant with Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU

The Ei168RC is an Easi-fit mounting plate with built-in RadioLINK circuit compatible with the Ei140RC serie. It enables the Alarms to communicate wirelessly with other Ei Electronics RF devices, i.e. when one Alarm is triggered, all Alarms in the RF system sound.

It is mains powered with a rechargeable battery back-up with a visual low battery indicator.

The Ei168RC also supports remote Test, Silence and Locate messages coming from an Ei Electronics RF device.

The Ei168RC is a short range device using a transceiver to transmit, receive and repeat the RadioLINK RF protocol. This ensures a robust “mesh” of RF signals and reliable paths of communication.

The house coding feature confines the RF communication to designated RF devices only, thereby avoiding the inadvertent activation of neighbouring Alarm RF systems.

The Ei168RC allows for easy expansion of an existing hard-wired interconnected system. Simply fit an Ei168RC to one of the existing Alarms and fit the additional Alarms with Ei168RC bases and house-code the RadioLINK Alarms into a system. If any Alarm, wired or wireless, is now triggered it will sound all the Alarms in the system. A mixed wired and wireless system is often referred to as a hybrid system.


Product Life:10 Years
Supply voltage:230V AC, 50Hz
Battery Back-up:Rechargeable lithium battery (non replaceable)
RF Frequency:868Mhz band (1% duty cycle)
RF Power:+7dBm
RF Range:>100m in free air
Protocol Type:Proprietary multi-path, multi-repeater mesh architecture
RF Protocol:RadioLINK
System size:Up to 12 RF devices
Visual indicator:Blue LED: RF transmission and low battery
Normal Operating and Storage Temperature Range:
 -10°C to 40°C
Normal Operating and Storage Humidity Range: 
 15 % to 95 % Relative Humidity
  • Product: 150mm x 37mm
  • Packaging: 182mm x 154mm x 40mm
  • Product: 170g
  • Product + packaging: 210g
Warranty: 5 years

Product Manual

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