How do I clean my Alarm?

Warning: For Mains powered Alarm, disconnect the AC mains at the fuse box before following the cleaning instructions.

Your Alarm needs to be free from dust and cobwebs. We recommend that you use the flat open end of your vacuum cleaner along the sides of your Alarm to remove any dust, insects and cobwebs. Clean the cover by wiping it with damp cloth and dry it thoroughly with a lint free cloth.

Do not use any cleaning agents, bleaches, detergents or polishes, including those in aerosol cans.

Clean your Alarm regularly to help prevent contamination.

Other considerations to prevent Smoke Alarm contamination:

  • Protect your Alarm against dust during any building work, renovation, sanding etc… excessive dust and debris can contaminate the smoke chamber or heat chamber.
  • Locate your Alarm away from very dusty or dirty areas.
  • Do not locate in insect infested areas. Small insects getting into the smoke detector chamber can cause intermittent alarms.