Alarm replacement guidelines

Why should I replace my Alarm?

A – End of life

The components of Alarms age and even though they may appear in perfect working order, we recommend that you replace them after 10 years.

Some Alarms have end of life indicators to advise you that it is time to replace your Alarm, but others don’t. We recommend that you always check the “replace by” date marked on the label located on the side of the Alarm.

If the date is passed, then replace your Alarm.

B- Fault

You may also need to replace your Alarm in case of a fault.

Ei Electronics guarantees its devices for five years from date of purchase against any defects that are due to faulty materials or workmanship. This guarantee only applies to normal conditions of use and service, and does not include damage resulting from accident, neglect, misuse, unauthorised dismantling, or contamination howsoever caused. This guarantee excludes incidental and consequential damage.

If a device should present a defect covered by the warranty within the guarantee period, it must be returned to Ei Electronics, with proof of purchase, carefully packaged, with the problem clearly stated. We shall at our discretion repair or replace the faulty unit.

How do I replace my Alarm?

A- Mains Alarms

WARNING: Disconnect mains before removal

1. Remove your old Alarm as follows:

2. Now to replace the alarm, align the unit up with the base plate and slide it into place. You should hear a slight clicking sound when it is in place.
3. Turn the mains power back on and make sure the green indicator light on the alarm is back on.
4. Now test the alarm by pressing and holding the test button on the front of the unit. The unit should make an alarm sound and if the Alarm is part of an interconnected system, it will also activate any other alarms in the property.

B- Battery powered Alarms

1. Remove the Alarm from its mounting plate.
2. Place the new Alarm on the existing mounting plate and twist on securely.

3. Now test the alarm by pressing and holding the test button on the front of the unit. The unit should make an alarm sound.

C- RF Alarms

If an Alarm has an RF module, check the replace by date stated on the RF module and replace if that date is past.
WARNING: The RF system must be house coded again every time you change an RF module. Do not use the Alarm learn entry feature.

How do I dispose of my Ei product?

EiElectronics products that have reached their end of life should be treated as WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) and should be disposed as such.

You can recycle them for free through you local recycling centre, on public collection day or at your electrical retailer (when purchasing your replacement product).

Note: If you have an Ionisation Alarm, please return it to Ei Electronics for its safe environmental disposal ensuring that any removable battery has been taken out.