The SmartLINK Gateway

The Newest Product from Ei Electronics will Enable Effective Management of Fire & CO Alarm Installations

Smart Management of Fire & CO Alarm Installations

In an era where Asset Management and Compliance are key issues, maintaining data for properties is complex and time-consuming. Gaining access to every property can be an issue. The reassurance of your alarms working to protect occupiers is vital. These are all important issues for Local Authorities, Housing Associations & Property Management Companies so we designed the ideal alarm management system to make life easier, improve efficiency and reduce costs. The Ei1000G SmartLink Gateway

Forecast replacement and maintenance

These reporting tools not only allow you to check on events, but also to accurately forecast alarm replacement and maintenance.

Easy-to-use dashboard format

The collated data is presented in a simple configurable format which allows you to drill deeper into the detail using various reporting tools to get to the heart of your properties’ fire and carbon monoxide alarm performance.

Track alarm performance

The system constantly monitors every linked alarm, giving you updates with notifications sent by email or text if any issues occur.

Identify trends in alarm notifications

Alarm notification trends help to highlight other potential problems – for example if a Carbon Monoxide alarm is regularly activated early in the morning, it could point to an issue with the heating system.

Easy installation, reliable connection

Rather than Ethernet cabling or Wi-Fi, the Ei1000G uses the best mobile connection combined with SmartLINK wireless interconnection technology – making installation simple and giving you the most reliable alarm management system available.