Ei141RC Ionisation Smoke Alarm

The Ei141RC is an Ionisation Smoke Alarm with 230V AC mains power supply and a 9V alkaline battery back-up.  It is most suitable for detecting fast flaming fires and is ideal for bedrooms.

  • Ionisation sensor
  • 230V AC supply with 9V battery back up
  • Easi-fit base
  • Hardwire interconnect
  • Remote Test, Locate and Silence compatible
  • Large Test/Hush button
  • Memory feature
  • Integrated piezoelectric sounder

EN 14604:2005

The Ei141RC Ionisation Smoke Alarm is fitted with a proprietary sensor to quickly sense high energy smoke particles from fast flaming fires. Powered by 230V AC with a 9V user replaceable Alkaline battery backup to ensure continuous operation (up to 3 years) in the event of a power failure.

The Alarm is supplied with the "Easi-fit" base to facilitate quick and simple installation, combined with easy detector head removal and replacement. The Easi-fit base automatically connects both mains power and battery as the detector head slides on.

The Ei141RC may operate as a standalone Alarm or may be interconnected via hardwire to communicate with compatible Ei Alarms and accessories.  Up to 12 devices can be interconnected.  Interconnecting the Ei141RC with the Ei1529RC enables the user to Locate, Silence and Test the Alarms remotely.

The Alarm automatically monitors the battery every 40 seconds. If it is depleted it will give a short beep every 40 seconds.                                          

The large Test and Hush button allows the user to check the operation of the Alarm. This will check the sounder, battery voltage and internal circuitry.  

The memory feature allows an Alarm that has previously activated to be easily identified. This is indicated by 2 red led flashes every 40 seconds for 24 hours (after the event).

Product life:10 years
Supply voltage:230V AC. 50Hz
Battery back-up:Replaceable 9V alkaline battery back up
Sound level:85 dB(A) at 3m
Button Test:Checks sensors, electronics and horn
Visual indicators:
  • Green LED: Power
  • Red LED: Self-check, alarm, hush & memory
Memory feature:2 red flashes every 40 sec to indicate a previous alarm activation
Normal Operating and Storage Temperature Range:-10°C to 40°C
Normal Operating and Storage Humidity Range:
15% to 95% Relative Humidity
Plastic material:UL94VO flame retardant
Fixing:Screw fixings and mounting plate supplied
  • Product: 150mm x 66mm
  • Package: 180mm x 155mm x 72mm
  • Product: 300g
  • Product + Packaging: 375g
Warranty:5 years

Product Manual

Product Datasheet