New 3030 Multi Sensor Fire & Carbon Monoxide Alarm from Ei Electronics

Ei is pleased to announce the latest Multi Sensor edition to its advanced Ei3000 Series.

The Ei3030 combines Optical, Heat and CO Sensors for the ultimate fire and CO response. Like all alarms in the 3000 Series the Ei3030 will fit on an easi-fit base. It is mains powered with 10-year rechargeable lithium cell battery backup, and includes AudioLINK+ for real-time local data extraction.

The intelligent alarm software in the 3030 actively monitors all sensors, allowing them to work together and provide total fire coverage.

The alarms may also utilise Ei’s proven RF technology for wireless interconnection and may be integrated with Ei’s Ei1000G Gateway and Environmental Sensors for the complete Connected Home Solution for safer, healthier and more sustainable homes.

Commenting on the announcement, Ei’s Irish Country Manager Sean Meally said; “The new multi sensor Ei 3030 with its advanced technology of combining three sensors in the one alarm provides the homeowner the widest range of protection from both fire and CO.”

Sean Meally, Ei’s Irish Country Manager explaining the benefits of multi-sensor technology at a recent Ei Expert Installer Training Session.