Mobile Units hit the road

In October 2018, we launch our new Mobile Training & Demo Unit

The Mobile Unit is now travelling the country, giving all of our customers a chance to get closer to our products, technologies and learn about Standards and Regulations for free.

What’s inside ?

  • Receive our free CPD and Expert Installer training in the units
  • Get hands on with the alarms
  • Get to grip with all the latest technologies

What’s Covered ?

  • Irish Standards – IS 3218:2013
  • Building Regulations (TGD – Part B) for Domestic Fire Alarm Systems
  • System Categories & Grades 
  • Smoke Alarm Sensor Types
  • Carbon Monoxide Standards and Legislation (TGD – Part J + IS813)
  • System Installation
  • Alarm Interconnection
  • Alarm Data Extraction
  • Plus many more add-on modules to suit your business requirements

If you would like to know more about how you can book our Mobile Training and Demo Unit, contact us at