Gender Pay Gap Analysis at Ei Electronics 2022

Period: 1st July 2021 to 30th June 2022


Gender Pay Gap Analysis

While the Gender Median Pay and Bonus gaps are zero or female positive, the Mean Pay and Bonus gaps are 23.3% and 18.6% respectively.

As an Electronics Manufacturing Company with integrated Manufacturing and R&D functions, senior management and Engineering positions require STEM [ Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics] qualifications. Females are under-represented in studying STEM subjects at 2nd and 3rd level and thus are under-represented in senior management and Engineering/Technical positions at Ei Electronics. These positions command high and market competitive salaries and this skews the mean wage levels in favour of males.

There are also a significant number of Craft/Maintenance roles in the factory and females traditionally do not train in craft skills. Thus, females are under-represented in these positions also.

These craft positions have significant overtime associated with them and this skews the mean wage levels in favour of males.

The under-representation of females in Management, Engineering and Craft roles explains the Mean Pay and Bonus gaps at Ei Electronics.

 The other statistics demonstrate that Ei Electronics is an equal opportunity employer that provides equal pay and benefits to female and male employees.  This is demonstrated by the following:

  • Median Wage and Bonus gaps are equal or female positive.
  • Equal female/male percentages receive Bonuses.
  • Equal female/male percentages receive Benefit-in Kind
  • 49.9 % females are in the combined top two quartiles of Pay, with 48% in the upper quartile.

As a Company we are conscious of the Gender Pay Gap, and we are pro-active in correcting it. The key is education in STEM disciplines and promoting training in Craft skills

  • Ei is in the third year of sponsoring Women-in-Engineering scholarships at UL – the students benefit from a significant stipend and Co-op work experience at Ei.
  • We strive for Gender Balance in our annual Co-Op student intake.
  • We will have a new intake of Graduates to our Graduate Programme in 2023 and we will strive for Gender Balance.
  • The City & Guilds Electronics course, run internally, is a proven course for progress within the company. There has been good representation on this course by female employees to-date and they have progressed their careers. The Company will more actively promote this course among female employees from now.
  • We actively promote Career Development courses at all levels and the Company generously subsidises these courses to Master’s degree level. We will continue to do this, with special encouragement to be given to female employees.
  • We plan to hire and nurture and promote women in fields and roles traditionally under-represented by women within Ei.

The 2022 Gender Pay Analysis is a ‘marker in the ground’ from which we will measure ourselves from now. Ei Electronics is and has always been committed to equality and fairness of opportunity.