Ei Electronics EU Declaration’s of Conformity

DoC No.Models CoveredENDEFRDate
16-001Ei105B, Ei105C, Ei105H, Ei2105B, Ei2105C, Ei2105H, Ei3105B, Ei3105C, Ei3105H, Ei3105TY, Ei3105TYH, Ei3105TYCHMay 2016
16-002Ei100B, Ei100C, Ei100S, Ei100TY, Ei100L May 2016
16-003Ei127, Ei128R, Ei128RBU, Ei129, Ei1529RCMay 2016
16-004Ei3100RF, Ei3105RF, Ei605CRF, Ei605TYCRF, Ei605TYWRF, Ei650RF, Ei650iRFMay 2016
16-005Ei3103RF, Ei603CRF, Ei603TYCRF, Ei603RFMay 2016
16-006Ei208WRFMay 2016
16-007Ei168RCMay 2016
16-008Ei100MRF, Ei3000MRFJuly 2018
16-009Ei414May 2016
16-010Ei262May 2016
16-011Ei407, Ei408, Ei410, Ei411H, Ei412, Ei413, Ei450May 2016
16-012Ei420, Ei428May 2016
16-013Ei170RF, Ei171RFMay 2016
16-014Ei141RC, Ei146RC,Ei151TL, Ei151TLR, Ei156TLH, Ei156TLR, Ei161e, Ei166e, Ei3016July 2018
16-015Ei2110, Ei2110e, Ei3024 July 2018
16-016Ei144RC, Ei154TL, Ei164e, Ei3014July 2018
16-017Ei220EN, Ei225EN, Ei261ENRC, Ei261DENRC, Ei3018July 2018
16-018 Ei100R, Ei105R, Ei181, Ei186May 2016
16-019 Ei605, Ei605C, Ei605TY, Ei605TYCMay 2016
16-020 Ei650, Ei650C, Ei650W, Ei650i, Ei650iC, Ei650iW May 2016
16-021Ei103C, Ei603C, Ei603W, Ei603TYCMay 2016
16-022 Ei207, Ei207D, Ei208, Ei208W, Ei208DW, Ei208iW, Ei208iDWMay 2016
16-023 Ei203EN, Ei204EN, Ei205EN, Ei205CEN, Ei206DMay 2016
16-024 Ei175, Ei176 May 2016
16-025 Ei103R, Ei184May 2016
16-026 Ei650F, Ei650CF, Ei650WF, Ei650iF, Ei650iCF, Ei650iWFMay 2016
16-027 Ei161RC, Ei166RC May 2016
16-028 Ei105B-FR, Ei105C-FR, Ei105CH-FR, Ei105H-FR, 100 357 (Avidsen)  May 2016
16-029Ei3028  July 2018

Construction Products Regulation

The Construction Products Regulation EU No 305/2011 (CPR) came into force on 1st July 2013. The Regulations require all stakeholders in the manufacture and distribution of construction products to provide reliable information in relation to the performances of their products. Specifically, when placing a product on the market place, the manufacturer will be required to a) make a Declaration of Performance (DoP) for the product and b) affix the CE mark.

The attached DoP’s are available for download and describes the performance of our products to the relevant harmonised European Standard (hEN):

All products are tested by a 3rd Party independent Notified Body (NB) to the requirements of the harmonised European Standard (hEN) and together with the DoP permits the affixation of the CE mark to the products.

 Document No. Document Type ENDEFRNLDate
 DoP Certificate No 13-0001 Declaration of Performance February 2014
 DoP Certificate No 13-0002 Declaration of Performance October 2013
 DoP Certificate No 13-0003 Declaration of Performance  February 2014
 DoP Certificate No 14-0004 Declaration of Performance    April 2015
 DoP Certificate No 14-0005 Declaration of Performance    June 2017
 DoP Certificate No 15-0005 Declaration of Performance  April 2015
 DoP Certificate No 17-0015Declaration of Performance DOP 17-0015   October 2018
 DoP Certificate No 18-0001 Declaration of Performance    March 2018
 DoP Certificate No 18-0010Declaration of Performance DOP 18-0010   October 2018


Environmental & Compliance


  • Stiftung Gemeinsames Rücknahmesystem Batterien - Number: 110021743 - View Document
  • WEEE Registration No. 40966685
  • Battery Registration No. 11002 1743
  • Packaging Waste: Der Grune Punkt # 5445363
  • Adhérent Corepile pour le recyclage des piles – Numéro : 0390 - View Document
  • DEEE – Adhérent Ecologic – Numéro : M1958 - View Document
  • Adhérent Adelphe pour le recyclage des emballages – Numéro : A7500124 - View Document
  • RAEE - Adherida a ECOTIC – Número : 6169 - View Document
  • Adherida a Ecopilas según convenio ECOPILAS-ECOTIC - View Document
  • Adherida a Ecoembalajes España S.A. para el reciclaje de envases – Número : 94045 - View Document