AudioLINK+ is faster, quieter, and more reliable. This second iteration of the award-winning AudioLINK technology makes it simple to get real-time data from Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms via the AudioLINK+ app.

The AudioLINK+ App also has a step by step guide and contextual help

AudioLINK+ is now available for the 3000 Series, 600 Series and 200 Series.

  • Extraction can be done on-site without having to remove the alarm – ensuring continued detection
  • The simple to read report is generated straight away – giving details of any incidents immediately
  • Data can be extracted for AudioLINK alarms again and again
  • Information is stored for the life of the alarm enabling historic information to be retained
  • The Alarm Status Report provides evidence required for maintenance of records
  • The Report can be emailed to form part of a properties record

Alarm Status Report

The AudioLINK+ App generates a simple to read colour coded report giving information on a range of alarm data:

  • Alarm activations
  • Sensor status
  • Record of testing
  • Battery and back up cell status
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) levels recorded – in CO alarms only
  • Background levels of CO – in CO alarms only
  • Advice on dust contamination levels on applicable models

AudioLINK Report

Report Storage and Sharing

All of this information can be emailed directly from the phone or tablet to one or multiple addresses, being sent as a pdf report for the property or exported as a .csv file for simple integration with housing management and maintenance systems.

Additional information can be added to the report to help link it to a specific alarm and to communicate important and helpful information:

  • Add the alarm serial number to the report using the built-in barcode scanner
  • Multiple reports from a property can be grouped together in one report
  • ‘Use Previous Address’ prompt to save time when entering address details
  • Storage of e-mail contacts within the app
  • Indicate the current alarm status as either OK, Service or Replace
  • Unique Property Reference Numbers, Landlord details and Contractor details can be added to the report, along with detailed longer comments

How To Get The App

The free AudioLINK+ App can be downloaded from the Apple App Store, Google Play and Windows Store.