Why is my smoke Alarm ringing loudly when there is no fire/smoke?

The first thing is to identify the Alarm that is ringing and that has the red LED flashing.

1) No Alarm has the red LED flashing.

Does your Alarm have a RadioLINK Module/RF/wireless connection?

No – There may be a fault, call technical support
Yes - It is likely that the alarm is being triggered by a neighbouring system. House coding your system will resolve this issue. Please consult the manuals relevant to your installation on how to house code.

2) I found the Alarm with the red LED flashing

  • Inspect the room where the Alarm is located to ensure that there is no fire smouldering.
  • If after inspection, you cannot find any signs of fire/smoke, check for :
    • fumes/steam coming from the kitchen or bathroom,
    • changes in the air flow caused by windows opened or draft that are bringing fumes past the Alarm.
    • Paint and other fumes can also cause nuisance alarms.
  • If there are frequent nuisance/false alarms, it may be necessary to re-locate the smoke Alarm away from the source of the fumes or clean the Alarm. We recommend the use of a Heat Alarm in the Kitchen area to avoid such nuisance alarms.

If this does not fix the problem, your Alarm may be contaminated and needs to be replaced. Please follow the instructions on how to replace your Alarm.