How should I test my Alarm and how often?

You should test your Alarm regularly (at least monthly) to ensure it is working.

To test your Alarm press and hold the test button for up to 10 seconds to ensure your Alarm sounds.

Guidance and best practices for testing are as follows:

  1. After the Alarm(s) is installed
  2. Once monthly thereafter
  3. After prolonged absence from the dwelling (e.g. holidays)
  4. After repair and/or servicing of any of the systems elements or household electrical works.

If you have a system of interconnected Alarms, then you need to check each Alarm similarly to ensure they sound when their test button is pressed and that all other Alarms sound.

You can also use control devices such as the Ei1529RC (for hardwire) or Ei450 (for RF) to test your Alarms.